ES Teaching Assistant EY (Tier 1)

  • 2019-20 Faculty Vacancy
  • Beijing

ES Teaching Assistant EY (Tier 1)

Job advert

WAB Elementary School is looking for Teaching Assistant as part of the team working for the EY class. The successful candidate will have a positive working attitude and get along well with students as well as with colleagues and the students' parents. The position commences in January 2020. Interested candidates should submit applications hereby.


Position: Teaching Assistant

Department: ES/MS/HS



Rationale: This document provides clarification for Teacher Assistants and working teams in order to know and understand the requirements for their positions at WAB. The aim of the three tiers is to provide direction and incentive so that best practice can be maintained. The three different levels should contain bands that overlap.


The following standard only applies to Tier 1 Teaching Assistant

1. Participate in and contribute to the planning of instruction with teachers and teams in order to lead teaching and learning for small group instruction.


The following standards only apply to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Teaching Assistant

2. To know and understand the PYP, MYP and/or DP pedagogy/assessment in order to assist with the instruction of students using best practice.

3. Regularly work with individual or groups of students as instructed and supervised by the teacher. These may include reading groups, math groups, or one-on-one student support on differentiated activities.


The following standards apply to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Teaching Assistant

4. Manage the equipment and materials in the classroom/teaching area as directed by teachers. This may include ensuring that the resources are intact, updating bulletin boards and displays as needed, or organizing Moodle sites.

5. Assist with supervision of students in assemblies, emergency drills, duties, field trips, China Studies trips, , moving between sections, etc.

6. Perform administrative tasks such as preparing teaching materials for the teacher/team, typing, photocopying, laminating, printing and filling. 7. Assist the teacher/s as directed within reason.



The successful applicant is expected to have the following skills, abilities, knowledge and experience:

1. Personal Skills and Abilities

● Ability to foster positive working relationships with staff and students

● Ability to speak, read and write English

● Ability to use initiative

● Skills in desktop publishing, word processing, email

2. Qualifications

● High School Certificate – College Degree

3. Knowledge

● A knowledge of teaching and educational working environment

4. Experience

• Experience working in an English speaking environment

• Experience working with children / students