MS MYP Drama

  • 2020-21 Faculty Vacancy
  • Beijing

MS MYP Drama

Job advert

We are looking for an creative and inspiring teacher to teach MYP Drama classes in WAB Middile School.


The Drama teacher is responsible to the MS Head of Arts for implementing the drama curriculum, assessment and reporting processes. The Drama teacher will work collaboratively with other department members and support teachers as needed to develop common unit plans, effective lesson plans and assessment strategies congruent with WAB's assessment guidelines and curriculum.  The Drama teacher will, whenever appropriate, employ an inquiry-based approach and differentiate lessons to support the learning styles of individual students. The Drama teacher is expected to contribute to the extra curricula activities of the school and be involved in school development.


The successful candidate is able to establish effective working relationships with staff, students and parents and has a sound understanding of contemporary teaching and learning theories and practice in drama education. The successful candidate has at least Bachelor level studies in suitable area and a recognized Teaching Qualification. In addition, we require a minimum of two years of post-qualification working experience.

Experience working with EAL students and MYP and DP programmes is preferred.


The placement commences 1 August 2020. The initial contract is offered for two years subject to renewal. Please apply by following the link and submitting all the required documentation.