MS MYP French

  • 2020-21 Faculty Vacancy

MS MYP French

Job advert

WAB MS is looking for an energetic and inspiring teacher to teach MYP French. The teacher is responsible to the Lanugages Head of Department for implementing the curriculum and assessment and reporting processes. He/she will work collaboratively with other department members to develop common unit plans and assessment strategies, and will, whenever appropriate, employ an inquiry-based approach and differentiate lessons to support the learning styles of individual students.

The successful candidate is able to establish effective working relationships with staff, students and parents and has a sound understanding of contemporary teaching and learning theories and practice in language acquisition education. The successful candidate has at least Bachelor level studies in the subject and a recognized Teaching Qualification. In addition, we require a minimum of two years' post-qualification working experience. Experience of working with ESOL students and the MYP is preferred.

The placement commences 1 August 2020. The initial contract is offered for two years subject to renewal. Further details can be found in the attached Job Description. Please apply by following the link and submitting all the required documentation.



Teachers at WAB:

  • Keep parents informed of student progress and achievement
  • Attend parent-student-teacher conferences as part of the reporting cycle
  • Have a Mentor Group and establish strong developmental relationships with students
  • Teach Advisory program and support grade level activities
  • Be actively involved in whole-school development and support sectional priorities
  • Contribute to extra-curricular activities
  • Participate fully in China Studies residential trips
  • Ensure student safety by performing supervisory duties at selected breaks and lunchtimes
  • Support and promote all attributes of the IB Learner Profile
  • Understand WAB's mission statement, core values and philosophy, and actively work to promote them
  • Contribute to activities which enhance the life of the school community
  • Demonstrate an ongoing developing knowledge of and engagement with China as WAB's host country


Role Description / Working Relationships


The MS MYP French teacher is responsible to the Head of the Languages Department for implementing the MYP curriculum, assessment and reporting processes.



The successful applicant is expected to have the following skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and qualifications:

1. Personal Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with faculty, staff, students and parents
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, taking into account EAL community members
  • Skills in working with a range of diverse students of different abilities and backgrounds
  • Ability to integrate appropriate technology across the curriculum
  • Empathy for, and understanding of, a wide range of learning styles
  • Ability to cooperate and collaborate with support team members (Learning Support, Enrichment, Teacher-Librarian, Nurses, Counselors, IT Integrators) to support students
  • Willingness to commit to WAB Professional Performance Standards
  • Skills in leading inquiry-based learning


2.  Knowledge and application of:

  • A sound understanding of contemporary teaching and learning theories and practice
  • A sound understanding of collaborative planning strategies
  • A strong knowledge of differentiation strategies
  • A strong knowledge of the IB MYP Language Acquisition curriculum


3. At least two years of experience:

  • As a full-time French teacher in a middle school classroom setting
  • Working with a diverse range of students including those with EAL, learning support, behavioral and enrichment needs preferred
  • Teaching IB MYP preferred


4. Qualifications

  • Completed Introductory IB MYP workshop preferred

  • Teaching qualification

  • Bachelor's degree (specializing in Modern Languages preferred)