MS MYP Mathematics Teacher

  • 2020-21 Faculty Vacancy
  • Beijing

MS MYP Mathematics Teacher

Job advert

We are looking for an energetic and inspiring MS MYP Mathematics/Sciences teacher.

The MS MYP Mathematics/Sciences Teacher reports to the Mathematics/Sciences Head of Department, and is expected to work with the Mathematics and Sciences Departments, as well as with his/her Grade Level Team, planning closely and attending collaborative planning sessions. The MS MYP Mathematics/Sciences Teacher must use an inquiry-based approach and differentiate through various strategies. The MS MYP Mathematics/Sciences Teacher is expected to keep parents informed and attend parent teacher conferences, as required.

The MS MYP Mathematics/Sciences teacher is expected to have a Homeroom/Personal & Social Education (advisory) class and to participate fully in the PSE program.

The MS MYP Mathematics/Sciences teacher is expected to contribute to the extra curricula activities of the school.

The placement commences 1 August 2020. The initial contract is offered for two years subject to renewal. Further details can be found in the below Job Description.


Position:                          MYP Mathematics & Sciences Teacher

School Section:              Middle School (MS)

Period of Appointment:   August 2020 to July 2022 (subject to renewal)




Role Description / Working Relationships


The Mathematics & Sciences teacher is responsible to the Mathematics & Sciences Head of Department for implementing the MYP Mathematics & Sciences curricula, assessment and reporting process.


The Mathematics & Sciences teacher is expected to work with the Mathematics & Sciences Department as well as with his/her Grade Level Team, planning closely, attending collaborative planning sessions and co-teaching where appropriate. The Mathematics & Sciences teacher must use an MYP inquiry-based approach and must offer individualized learning opportunities.


As is the case with all MS teachers, the Mathematics & Sciences teacher is expected to:

  • Keep parents informed of student progress and achievemen
  • Attend parent-student-teacher conferences as part of the reporting cycle
  • Have a Homeroom/Personal & Social Education (PSE) class and participate fully in all PSE activities
  • Be actively involved in school development
  • Contribute to extra-curricular activities
  • Participate fully in the China Studies residential trips
  • Ensure student safety by performing supervisory duties at selected breaks and lunchtimes


The successful applicant is expected to have the following skills, abilities, knowledge and experience:

1. Personal Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, students and parents
  • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing with students and parents from varied backgrounds
  • Skills in working with a range of students of different abilities and backgrounds
  • Ability to integrate technology across the curriculumEmpathy for, and understanding of, students with a wide range of abilities. Interests, styles and levels of language proficiencyAbility to collaborate with support services team members (Learning Support, Enrichment, Teacher-Librarian, Nurses, Counselors, Speech & Language, English as Additional Language Specialists, and IT Integrators) to support all students
  • Ability to facilitate a variety of learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners
  • Willingness to commit to WAB Professional Performance Standards
  1. Knowledge
  • A sound understanding of contemporary teaching and learning theories and practice related to both Mathematics and Sciences education
  • A sound understanding of collaborative planning strategiesA strong knowledge of differentiation strategies
  • A range of intervention strategies for maximizing the learning of a wide range of learning styles and abilities


  • Recent MS homeroom experience
  • Successful experience as a Mathematics & Sciences teacher (in an MYP classroom preferred)
  • Some experience in a leadership position and willingness to consider a leadership post in the future (preferred)


  • Qualification in the teaching of both Mathematics and Sciences (preferred)Commitment to professional development
  • Qualified teacher statusMYP training (preferred) 



Educators at WAB are required to participate in the Professional Performance process and to demonstrate a willingness to commit to WAB's Professional Performance standards (see below).

  • Plans collaboratively with colleagues
  • Plans and delivers units and lessons according to the curriculum and students’ needs
  • Creates an environment of mutual respect and understanding
  • Engages students in learning through a challenging and inspiring classroom environment
  • Uses a range of assessment and feedback strategies
  • Manages student behavior
  • Identifies own specific areas of strength and weaknesses across the standards to write a growth and development plan
  • Documents progress relative to his or her growth and development plan
  • Connects with colleagues to enhance learning within the WAB community